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Buy and Sell Medical Equipment

Clear Choice Medical is a purchaser and re-seller of all medical, surgical and durable medical equipment worldwide.  We specialize in used and second hand surgical medical equipment.  Visit our shop to view the medical equipment that we have in stock.

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If you would like to buy or sell used medical equipment contact us +1-727-470-4311 or send us an email  

Durable medical equipment is any equipment that provides a therapeutic to patient in need from a medical illness or injury.   


This equipment can include:

  • Wheel Chairs

  • Traction Equipment

  • Kidney Machines

  • Canes

  • Crutches

  • Walkers 

  • Ventilators

  • Monitors

  • Hospital Beds

  • Commode Chairs

  • Infusion Pumps and Supplies


We acquire durable medical equipment from many different sources to include hospital liquidations, equipment surpluses from hospitals and surgery centers, sales representatives, service engineers, materials managers, and anyone who may have used durable medical equipment.  To learn more about durable medical equipment.     

A surgical instrument is a specially designed tool or device for performing specific actions or carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue, or to provide access for viewing it. 

The expression surgical instrumentation is somewhat interchangeably used with surgical instruments, but its meaning in medical jargon is really the activity of providing assistance to a surgeon with the proper handling of surgical instruments during an operation, by a specialized professional, usually a surgical technologist or sometimes a nurse or radiographer.

There are many different types of surgical instrumentation to include:

  • Cutting, Grinding, and Dissecting

  • Clamping

  • Grasping and Holding

  • Probing

  • Dilating or Enlarging 

  • Retracting 

  • Suctioning​

Clear Choice Medical buys and sells used surgical instruments and equipment.  To see more of the surgical equipment we buy and sell visit surgical instruments.

Surgical Kits

We are buy and sell partial and full surgical kits from hospitals, surgical centers, and materials managers.  We have endoscopy, orthopedic, general, and many other surgical instruments available.   The surgical kits we have on hand can be found in our medical equipment shop.  

Medical Equipment
Buy/Sell Used Medical Equipment, Medical Surplus, Clear Choice Medical

Medical Equipment

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