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Buy/Sell Used Medical Equipment


Buy/Sell Used Medical Equipment

Why sell your equipment?
• Liquidate assets
• Expedite transactions
• Regain storage and floor space
• Conduct trade-in transactions
• Retain a comprehensive removal service.


Who sells to Clear Choice Medical?
• Hospitals
• Surgery Centers
• Sales Representatives
• Service Engineers
• Biomedical and Clinical Engineers
• Materials Managers
• Supply Chain Directors

Our commitment to sustainability


Surplus medical equipment is big commodity for Clear Choice Medical. What emerges is a dynamic program of reclaiming and refurbishing medical equipment, which has been at the core of Clear Choice Medical’s activities . This mode of operation sets the highest standards for sustainable business models and provides a path for healthy medical business practices.


Clear Choice Medical makes it easy for hospitals and surgery centers to decide what to do with their surplus medical equipment. Responsible disposal of unmarketable equipment is a priority for Clear Choice Medical as we care about the environment. Managing the removal and logistics of medical equipment is a vital service provided by Clear Choice Medical. As the result, hospitals can focus on patient care, and Clear Choice Medical can continue to grow, while tons of equipment stays out of landfills. 

How to sell your medical equipment


Selling used medical equipment just got easier:


Clear Choice Medical specializes in turning your surplus medical equipment assets into cash. From a single piece to a complete facility we can cost effectively solve your surplus equipment problems. 


Contact one of our specialists and a written bid proposal will submitted for your approval within 24 hours. Unlike other companies, when we submit a bid, it will be for the entire lot of equipment - not just select pieces. By doing this we give you the opportunity to remove all of your depreciated assets. When an agreement is made, we will come to the facility and remove all the purchased equipment at no additional expense to you, within 48 hours.

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